Daniel S. Quintana

Daniel S. Quintana

Associate Professor

University of Oslo


Daniel S. Quintana is an Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo. He leads a lab investigating biological systems that link psychological and social factors to health, with a focus on neuroendocrine systems (e.g., oxytocin) and the autonomic nervous system. His lab uses various research approaches, including intranasal oxytocin studies, large-scale genetics studies, neuroimaging, and the collection of autonomic nervous system data (e.g., heart rate variability).

Daniel is the Principal Investigator of externally-funded projects investigating the role of the oxytocin system in mental traits and physical health (Research Council of Norway), the role of oxytocin in behavioral flexibility (Research Council of Norway), a future oxytocin intervention study trial to provide additional support for autistic youth (Kavli Trust), and a future project uncovering the role of oxytocin in neural plasticity and learning in autistic individuals (South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority).


  • PhD in Psychology, 2013

    University of Sydney

  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), 2007

    Macquarie University, Sydney

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