Workshop: Applying Open Science Practices to Your Research


The emerging ‘methodological crisis’ in science has led to calls for the adoption of open science practices. However, such proposals are not new, as the benefits of open science have been discussed for over half a century. One factor that has hobbled the uptake of open science has been the availability of tools and technology to easily facilitate open science practices. The purpose of this workshop is to teach participants how to use various tools to implement open science practices. The workshop will include hands-on sessions on using Open Science Framework (OSF) across all stages of the research workflow (i.e., project planning, preregistering hypotheses, running your study, and reporting your results and materials), reproducible power analyses and statistical inference (using R, JASP, and JAMOVI), assessing evidence for the null hypothesis using both frequentist and Bayesian frameworks, using social media to share and find research, building your own website, performing open meta-analyses, and how to get help from the open science community..

Conference of the German Association of Biological Psychology, Dresden, Germany