Social behavior

Investigating the neurobiological basis of social dysfunction and how this influences mental and somatic health

Age-related differences in the error-related negativity and error positivity in children and adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocol

The main objectives of this systematic review and meta-analysis are to evaluate the effect of age on error-related negativity (ERN) and the error positivity (Pe) magnitude in children and adolescents, and to examine potential moderators of these effects, including age, sex, experimental task, task difficulty, and topography and quantification of the ERN and the Pe

Predictors of Creativity in Young People: Using Frequentist and Bayesian Approaches in Estimating the Importance of Individual and Contextual Factors

The development of creativity in young children has been studied extensively, but relatively few studies have examined the period of adolescence and emerging adulthood in relation to creative potential. The present study employs a combination of …

Substance misuse and social cognition on the psychosis-spectrum: A bottom-up framework

The relationship between substance misuse and psychosis is markedly complex, with negative impacts of substance use on physical health, behavior, psychiatric symptoms, and brain function. Few studies have focussed on the direct links between …